Trust and consistency to business partners

311. lahke brigade 72240 Kakanj, Bosna i Hercegovina

Free drug deliveries

Based on the order of FSHCZ (number 12-40-148-34/20 of 20.03.2020. Years at 12-40-148-34-1/20 of 27.03.2020. The year) Medica Kakwer and PZU MGM Cacza offer our esteemed patients an older than 65-year-old free drug deliveries in the area of the town of Kaki. You can perform your orders in the time period every day from 09:00 to 11:00 hours on phone numbers
Media kakwer Tel: 032 557 020
Mob: 061 462 254 (Viber)

PZU MGM Cactus Tel: 032 557 361
Mob: 061 974 187 (Viber)

We ask the citizens to respect the measures of the FSHCZ and municipality of Kakin, only together we can reduce the damage we have the opportunity to see across Europe. "